100 Things you can do month by month to keep your home maintained

74 Look for creosote buildup in fireplace flues
75 Get Winter supply of firewood
76 Check water heater and furnace to be sure they are working properly
77 Lubricate and check electric garage door openers
78 Cover outside air-conditioning units
79 Rake leaves off lawn and away from house until trees are bare
80 Store garden hoses
81 Shut off outside water faucets and drain water from pipes
82 Add insulating plastic to the inside of your windows
83 Set mower low and cut grass to rid your lawn of leafy materials
84 Plant tulip or other Spring flowering bulbs before ground freezes
85 Dig up tender bulbs such as canna lily and dahlias to store over Winter
86 Take cuttings from plants you want to save over Winter
87 Apply Winter fertilizer and weed control
88 Clean gutters
89 Make sure drain spouts are secure and clear