6 Ways to Turn Off Any Buyer or Seller

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Tara-Nicholle Nelson
February 6th, 2014

In the wild world of dating, when you encounter a ?turn-off,? you can just pack it in and not to go on another date with that guy or gal again. But turn-offs can be much more detrimental when they come up in the realm of your real estate.

Often times, your clients may inadvertently make big mistakes that can cost them big when it comes to securing their dream home or their dream offer. Indeed, turn a buyer off, and your seller?s may risk low offers or?worse?a home that just won?t sell. The same goes for buyers. In today?s market, multiple offers are common. And even in cases when your client is the only buyer on the scene, having a cooperative seller goes a long way toward everything from getting access to the place for inspections to getting a price reduction when the appraisal comes in low. Thus, the potential exists for buyers to turn sellers off, and risk having their dream home slip right through their fingers.

As your clients proceed toward their quest for a drama-free home journey, it?s your job to stop them from making these far-too-common mistakes and help them snag the best buyers and sellers to help their real estate dreams become a reality.

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