Milwaukee Landlord Registry

This sounds like it doesn’t do anything, but assess another fee on Rental Property Owners.

Article from the Wisconsin Realtors Association, Video from Milwaukee Channel 58, June, 2013.
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Bill would End Landlord Registration Program
by Elizabeth Fay
Story Created: Jun 23, 2013
Story Updated: Jun 24, 2013
MILWAUKEE — A bill making it’s way through the state legislature could make it harder for tenants and neighbors to contact landlords in Milwaukee.

Right now, landlords in Milwaukee are required to pay a $40 fee to register their information with the city. That information is made available online to the public in an effort to make it easier to reach the property owner when there’s a problem. However, under a proposed landlord-tenant bill, landlords would no longer have to register their information.

Alderman Michael Murphy says that will make it difficult to quickly address problematic properties.

“Every single day, I get complaints from citizens about bad landlords who are not taking care of their properties. I personally call that landlord and give them a shot to make a good faith effort. I won’t have that ability anymore. I will have to track them down,” said Ald. Murphy.

However, Joe Murray, Director of Public and Government Affairs for the Wisconsin Realtors Association, says the City of Milwaukee has been tracking down landlords for decades without the registration program. He thinks the city is actually concerned about money.

“They certainly had no problem knowing who to send the property tax bill to. So, from our perspective, what you have with the landlord registration fee is maybe a little more efficiency in contacting landlords on the edges, but what you really have is an excessive $40 per unit revenue fee,” said Murray.

The bill already passed in the Wisconsin State Assembly and has yet to go before the senate.